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What is a bursitis?

A bursitis is the inflammation of the bursa, or the small sac found inside some joints of the human body that contains a small amount of fluid, functioning as a kind of cushion for the structures that make up the joint: muscles, tendons, and bones. Thanks to this bursa, joint movements can be made without friction.

Often, the inflammation of a bursa occurs due to the overloading or overuse of the joint due to continuous and repetitive articular movements. Other causes include performing very strong activities, trauma, overweight, bad posture, gout, infections, rheumatoid arthritis, among others. The most common sites for developing bursitis are the shoulder, knee, elbow, and foot.

As with any inflammation, the symptoms presented by a patient with bursitis are:

  • Pain on mobilization and palpation.
  • Local heat and redness.
  • Joint stiffness.
  • Increase of volume.

In addition to the anamnesis and physical examination, the health professional may require other tests for diagnosis, such as laboratory tests, extraction and culture of the bursa fluid, ultrasonography, x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging, etc.

As for its treatment, the doctor can indicate:

  • Rest of the affected joint.
  • Application of some ice over the joint.
  • Consumption of NSAIDs such as ibuprofen to reduce inflammation.
  • Measures to avoid direct contact with the joint.
  • And the use of a splint or orthopedic device.

Other treatments not always used may be the administration of intra-articular corticosteroids, the removal of fluid from the bursa, as well as attending physiotherapy sessions.

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