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Foot Pain

The foot itself or different parts, like the heel and toes, can sense chronic pain. Serious pain sensations felt in the feet can even originate from an excruciating pain source in the lower back, hip or legs. There are certain conditions and sources of chronic pain that can make walking and standing extremely uncomfortable for patients. Since the feet and ankles are a part of the body’s support system, pain specialists trace pain back to the main source.

Causes of Foot Pain

Chronic foot pain can keep patients from walking or even standing up. Conditions like these may start small, but can turn into disabling feet pain:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Obesity
  • Rigorous Exercise or Physical Activity

Foot Pain Treatments

The signals and messages that result in aching foot pain are sent out to the brain. Our brains receive those messages which is why patients can go through an entire day and feel continuous pain in their feet. Spinal Cord Stimulation turns those negative messages into something positive and pain-free. Specialists with Space City Pain can identify which conditions work best with which treatment. Disabling foot pain may not be circulatory related but actually related to a spine condition. A trained and experienced pain specialist can recognize these symptoms and disorders with a quick health evaluation.

Ankle Pain

The ankle connects the foot and the leg together and it holds the weight of the body whenever patients walk, stand and exercise. Chronic pain can develop within the ankle and extend into the feet as well. Many patients disabled by ankle pain are unable to walk or even move around their own home. The feet and ankles work together in order to support the body’s weight while standing up.

Causes of Ankle Pain

Disabling ankle pain should not be taken lightly. The following conditions can be an initial cause of chronic pain within the ankles:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Sprain/Strains
  • Nerve Damage

Ankle Pain Treatments

Ankle pain must be cared for in a proper way because the ankle is a very important part of the body’s functioning. Structures like the ankle do have the option of all-natural Regenerative Medicine. This modern method of caring for ankle pain is natural and aids the body in its own repair of weakened nerves and cells. Talk to your Space City Pain Specialist if you have questions about foot and ankle pain.