We don’t manage pain. We treat it.

If you are experiencing chronic pain, and you are searching for an alternative to oral medication, you may consider implantation of a pain pump. This small device filled with pain medication is usually implanted into your abdominal area.

The pain pump consists of two main parts:

  • A reservoir (the pump) – Holding pain medication
  • A catheter (the medication tubing) – Transports medication into the spinal cord nerves

This medical device is programmed to deliver pain medication into your system every hour. The majority of pain pumps do not need refiling with medication for over twelve to sixteen weeks.

The benefits of pain pumps are numerous, including the absence of side effects caused by pain medication and the precise amount of drugs implemented directly into your spinal cord nerves. The device is easy to use, and the pain relief is almost instant.

Regional pain syndrome (RPS) is the medical condition that is usually treated with the pain pump.

Microdosing is the term that goes hand in hand with the pain pump. It is regarded as a very safe treatment option because it requires only a small dosage of pain medication, which can reduce side effects and increases pain relief. The main goal of opioid medication is to improve your overall quality of life and deliver more reliant pain relief.

To see if the pain pump is the right treatment path for your pain problems, book an appointment with Space City Pain Specialists and go over your options with renowned medical experts.

For existing implantable pump patients needing a physician to take over the management of your pain pump, Dr. Ed Garcia is happy to care for you. Please call our office at 281-338-4443 to schedule a consult with him or book an appointment online here.