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VIA Disc NP for
Treating Low Back Pain

Degenerative Disc Disease (DD) or discogenic pain can severely hinder our everyday life. VIA Disc has become an invaluable option for those seeking not only to relieve their pain, but reverse damage and repair the discs from within.

Discogenic Pain and Degenerative Disc Disease

Discogenic pain is caused by disc degeneration. When the nerve receptors located in the outer part are irritated or inflamed, the resulting feeling of pain can become unbearable.

Degenerative Disc Disease is more commonly known as wear and tear caused by aging. Not only does it happen on the knees and hips, but also on the spine. It is a form of arthritis as it affects cartilage.


Studies suggested that the degeneration of the painful disc might originate from the injury and subsequent repair of annulus fibrosus.

Also, wear and tear is a key element of disc degeneration  that causes discogenic pain and degenerative disc disease.

Genetics also play a role, as the chemical composition of the discs may cause them to dry out at a faster pace than normal, thus reducing the spine’s ability to bear load.


The symptoms of lumbar discogenic afflictions are not experienced in the exact same way by every patient.

Symptoms vary, but might include:

  • Pain radiating into the buttock and the leg
  • Sitting intolerance
  • Muscle spasms in the neck or arms
  • Neck pain when tilting
  • Muscle weakness

Treating Low Back Pain with VIA Disc NP

VIA Disc NP is the only nucleus pulposus (NP) allograft intended to support the cushioning function of the disc and supplement tissue loss. The nucleus pulposus is the soft, gelatinous central portion of the intervertebral disc that cradles the movements of the spine. Via Disc NP is a non-surgical, injectable procedure that repairs the damage to the degenerative discs, thus providing significant, long-term pain relief and improved motion.

VIA Disc NP Key Features

This cutting-edge, in-office procedure empowers active individuals to get back to their daily life free of pain. The main advantages of Via Disc NP include:

VIA Disc NP is Minimally Invasive

VIA Disc NP is a minimally invasive procedure that can be delivered through a 20G spinal needle.

Ease of Use

Off-the-shelf allogeneic graft for ease of use.

Supplements the Disc

In-vitro testing of nucleus pulposus tissue demonstrates ability of disc to absorb water similar to original nucleus pulposus tissue.

Proprietary Container

Mixes are done in fully closed containers to reduce contamination risk.

VIA DIsc NP at Space City Pain

What Does the Procedure Consist in?

You may be an ideal candidate for Via Disc NP treatment if you have experienced tissue loss within their lumbar intervertebral discs. The procedure involves making a real-time video of the movements inside the spine by passing x-rays through the body to guide a spinal needle into the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc. Subsequently, the medical provider will deliver the VIA Disc NP allograft into the target disc to rehydrate and support its cushioning function.

How Can I Access This Treatment?

Visit our pain specialists located throughout the Greater South Houston-area to learn more about VIA Disc NP and find out if it’s right for you. At Space City Pain Specialists, we specialize in addressing the root causes of chronic pain. Instead of just treating the symptoms, we explore deeper to discover why you are experiencing chronic pain. Beyond addressing the cause of your pain, we address your overall health. At Space City Pain, we don’t manage pain, we treat it.

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