We don’t manage pain. We treat it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Space City Pain Specialists business hours?
Visit our Request an Appointment page for our up-to-date office hours.
What is your medication refill policy?
Space City Pain Specialists requires 3 days notice for a refill of medications. Our patients are seen for follow-ups at regular intervals to determine if medications need to be refilled or changed.
Besides pain medication, what other pain management methods are used to control pain?
Our physicians employ a wide range of interventional pain management techniques such as spinal cord stimulators, microdosing and pain pumps, mild® treatment procedure, epidural blocks, peripheral nerve injections, and regenerative injections.
What happens during your first pain management appointment?
Our team of pain specialists is made of up both doctor and nurses, who will sit with you and review your physical history and pain history. The doctor will then perform a detailed medical exam designed to identify the specific cause of your pain. Then, our staff will discuss the best pain treatment options with you.
What kind of doctors work at Space City Pain Specialists?
Our doctors are board-certified in Pain Medicine by the American Board of Medical Specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and pain medicine. Our practice has been in continuous operation for more than 15 years, and we have treated tens of thousands of new patients in that time.
After spine fusion surgery, my back still hurts as bad as before the back surgery. Can you make my back pain go away?
A spine surgeon will perform surgery to correct an anatomical problem with your spine that was threatening to permanently damage the nerves that go to your arms or legs. The surgery is considered a success when your spinal nerves have been taken out of danger of being injured. However, there are times when your back still hurts, even though the surgery was a success. This is Failed Back Surgery Syndrome or Post Laminectomy Syndrome, and it occurs after a percentage of all spinal fusion surgeries. Space City Pain Specialist can help you control this pain in a way that allows you to stay as active as possible.
Can I run with chronic lower back pain?
Yes. As surprising as it sounds, you can still enjoy running with low back pain.
What surgery center does Space City Pain Specialist use for their procedures?
What should I expect after I have scheduled my procedure with the surgery center?
The surgery center will contact you to confirm your procedure appointment and give you instructions for your pain treatment procedure. The surgery center will ask several questions regarding your medical condition, allergies, and medications. You will be instructed of times to stop eating and drinking prior to your procedure. If these instructions are not followed, your procedure may be canceled.
Will I be sedated during my procedure?
This will depend on the type of procedure that you are having performed. Talk to you pain doctor.
What should I wear to the surgery center?
Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Do not wear valuables such as jewelry, watches, or rings. Do not bring large sums of cash. Please bring a list of your medications to the surgery center/hospital as well.
Can I eat or drink anything the day of my pain procedure?
Generally, it is recommended that you eat nothing after midnight before the day of your procedure. The morning of your surgery, you are allowed to take daily medication with a sip of water. You will receive specific instructions from the surgery center regarding this matter.
Will the discharge instructions I receive after my procedure limit my activity?
Your discharge instructions will vary depending upon the type of pain treatment procedure you are having performed. You will receive discharge instructions at the time of your discharge from the facility.
Will I need a follow-up appointment?
Generally, we will have you follow up in our office a week or two after your procedure is performed. Your follow-up appointment will usually be with one of our physician assistants.
Should I take my regular medications on the day of the procedure?
If you take medication for any condition, even if you believe it is unrelated to your procedure, ask your physician or a surgery center nurse if the medication is safe to take the day of your procedure.
What is a Physician’s Assistant (PA)?
Physician Assistants are highly trained healthcare professionals licensed to practice medicine with physician supervision. The relationship between our physicians and their PAs is one of mutual trust and respect. The physician assistant is a representative of the physician, treating the patient in the style and manner developed by the supervising physician.
What insurance do you take?
Visit our Accepted Insurance page for an up-to-date list. It is always best to call your insurance company to find out whether your physician is in-network.
Why am I receiving a medical bill from a surgery center or hospital?
The facility where your procedure is performed will bill you separately for the use of their facility and staff.
Why am I receiving a medical bill from an anesthesiology service?
Whenever an anesthesiologist’s services are required during a pain treatment or procedure, they will bill the patient for their professional services separately.