We don’t manage pain. We treat it.

Thelma Simon

Senza Implant- 7/16/2020
Dr Garcia

“After having previous back surgery, I was not sure I wanted to go through that again. Even though I tried to hide the pain the closest people to me knew what I was really going through. After some careful consideration I went through the trial and from that point on my life was changed” states Thelma. After dealing with hopeless chronic lower back/leg pain for the last 25 years with no long-term relief in sight, close to one year after her HF10 implant she is thankful for her 75% back pain relief.
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Ann Caywood

Senza Implant- 11/4/2019
Dr Eduardo Garcia

“I have always loved to cook, and now I am able to enjoy cooking meals again for my family and cook meals for gatherings”, said Anne. “Before HF10, I would have to split up every task for preparing a meal and would have to sit and ice my back down between every step just to do one of my favorite activities. Now I can enjoy cooking again and I don’t even have to take breaks!”
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