We don’t manage pain. We treat it.

Chronic spine and back pain is any kind of discomforting sensation in the upper, middle, or lower back that is so strong and persistent that you can no longer tolerate it. Unfortunately, the pain often limits your activity in your favorite hobbies, daily life, or family events.

Most patients can manage minor aches and pains, but chronic back pain usually has serious causes that should be addressed by a spine specialist. Pressure, pulls, strains and stress impact your spine and entire back. A healthy backbone should be strong enough to carry your normal body weight. The spine should also be straight down the back without any inflammation or injuries. Chronic back pain symptoms are unbearable, especially in adulthood as our bones naturally weaken. Similar to neck pain, many people suffer from chronic back pain. In some cases, excruciating pain may start in the back muscles then spread to the arms or legs.

Upper Back Pain

You may suffer from upper back pain due to a serious neck condition. If upper back pain seems to be getting worse or spreading to other parts of the body, this could mean your pain has grown to a chronic condition that needs proper pain management treatment. Different factors and activities can affect the entire back or just one part. Since the upper back is located between the neck and rest of the back, pain and injuries in these areas can be harmful to the upper part of your back and your neck.

Middle Back Pain

Pain in the middle back is also known as thoracic pain. Since the thoracic spine makes up the upper portion of the back and chest, the “thoracic region” relates to both areas. Therefore, thoracic pain also refers to middle back pain that is in the center of the spine. It can also be the center for muscle inflammation in the back. Middle back pain can even start aching around the rib cage, as well.

Lower Back Pain

In general, pain in the lower back comes from an injured nerve, disc, or muscle. Lower back pain is also called lumbar pain. At times, it can even be more specifically categorized as lower right back pain or lower left back pain. This pain spreads to the legs as well, if it is not treated. The pressure created over a lifetime can be from a condition called Lumbar Spine Stenosis. This condition targets a specific age group of 65 years or older and has a specific pain treatment called mild®



Your back includes your spine along with several muscles and hundreds of nerves. Since the back consists of so many nerves, there are different chronic back pain symptoms, and each symptom is painful in its own way.

Chronic back pain symptoms include the following:

  • Numbness in back or extremities
  • Tightness in back
  • Pinching in back or shoulders
  • The feeling of “pins and needles” in back and extremities
  • Inability to walk or stand up
  • Sore to even the lightest touch
  • Severe pain in the upper, middle or lower back
  • Pain spreading to the neck, shoulders, arms, hips or legs


It is never too late to treat pain in the upper, middle or lower back.

Patients may experience unhealthy back pain if the spine is not treated or suffering from a previous injury.

Pain specialists could recommend one of the following treatments for chronic back pain:


Spinal Cord Stimulation


Microdosing & Pain Pumps

Regenerative Medicine

It’s important to find a pain center, like Space City Pain Specialists, who can correct the vertebrae while eliminating pain. If you are in or around the Greater Houston area, with the help of our spine doctors, you can start down the path to discovering the actual cause of your pain and treat your overall condition at the source. Just like any other chronic pain, it is important to schedule an appointment with a Space City Pain Specialist for diagnosis and treatment if your back or spine pain is disabling you from living your normal lifestyle.