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Sciatica Doctor in Webster, Texas: Your Path to Pain-Free Living

Suffering from sciatica can be extremely painful and debilitating. The pain limits motion and tends to take a long time to go away on its own. What to do when afflicted by the sciatic nerve? In this article, you’ll learn about how a sciatica doctor in Webster, Texas, can help you find comfort and get back to your everyday life.

What Does a Sciatica Doctor Do?

Doctors who treat sciatica vary and so do their techniques and approaches. Below is a breakdown of the different ways a doctor can help you treat your sciatica pain.

Who Treats Sciatica?

Several medical specialists can treat and help prevent future sciatica episodes. Depending on each specific case, you’ll be best paired with one or the other. They are:

    • Chiropractors. Technically not doctors, they specialize in treating the spine and back. Since the origin of many cases of sciatica lie in the lower spine, they can provide effective options for treating it.
    • Physiatrists. They are medical doctors who specialize in the musculoskeletal system. They can, in addition to guiding a physical therapy treatment, prescribe meditation for the pain.
    • Pain management specialists. Specialists in pain management can diagnose and treat pain in a variety of ways. They can prescribe medication, administer nerve blocks, injections, and offer rehabilitation plans.
    • Physical therapists. Therapists are specialists who focus on movement and through exercise and patient education improve many musculoskeletal conditions.
    • Orthopedists. Sometimes also called orthopedic surgeons, they focus on  bones, joints, ligaments, nerves, and tendons. 
  • Neurosurgeons. Neurologists specialize in disorders of the nervous system, including the sciatic nerve. They determine if the case requires surgery (in most cases, it doesn’t!).

Sciatica Doctors and Treatment

Self-care goes a long way when it comes to sciatica. Preventive measures also help deter the condition. Some home treatments include:

  • Taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Bed rest (but beware of the mattress and the pillow you are using!)
  • Lower back massages.
  • Heat and cold therapy with packs.

However, when the pain lasts longer than five days, you should find a specialist to assist in healing. They may help via:

    • Physical therapy. A PT can design a program that helps strengthen and stretch the muscles in a way that it will also prevent future injuries.
  • Regenerative medicine injections. Sometimes, applying injections around the area can help reduce the pain. Regenerative medicine is designed to boost the body’s self-healing properties.
  • Epidural steroid injections. These minimally invasive treatments are aimed at eliminating localized pain. They include corticosteroid and an anesthetic numbing agent.
  • Surgery. Always the last resort, surgery can also be a way to treat sciatica pain.

In any case, we always recommend finding a sciatica doctor in Webster, Texas, to make sure you are following the right path to pain relief with long-lasting results.

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Pain-Free Living: Sciatica Doctor in Webster, Texas

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