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How to Know If I Need an Arthritis Doctor in Webster, Texas

Did you know? There are more than 100 types of arthritis and related conditions.

By definition, arthritis means “inflammation of a joint,” and it comes from the amalgamation of the Greek term arthron (“a joint”) and the suffix -itis (“inflammation”). Although people tend to associate arthritis with old age, the truth is that it affects a staggering 25% of the adult population of the United States. That is, around 58.5 million people between 18 and 64 years old have been diagnosed with arthritis at some point in their lives. With 44% of those affected manifesting that it has impacted their functionality, it cannot be overstated that finding the right arthritis doctor is imperative. If you are suffering from joint inflammation and need an arthritis doctor in Webster, Texas, you have come to the right place.

How Do I Know If I Have Arthritis?

Specialists classify arthritis into two broad categories: inflammatory arthritis and non-inflammatory arthritis. For inflammatory arthritis, common symptoms include:

  • pain,
  • redness around the area,
  • warmth,
  • visible swelling,
  • and loss of function.

Let’s paint a picture: After a two hour game of golf at Topgolf Webster, you feel a burning sensation on your knee and when you look down, you can see that they are swollen—these are clear signs of (inflammatory) arthritis. 

Non-inflammatory arthritis usually presents itself in the form of osteoarthritis, which is a complex condition affecting the cartilage and the symptoms are mainly stiffness and feeling like the joint might cave

If you have felt any of the symptoms described and live around Webster, it is important that you see an arthritis doctor in Webster, Texas, without delay, and not take matters into your own hands. A specialist will know exactly how to proceed and guide you through the process.

Can I Prevent Arthritis?

Even if you can’t prevent it altogether, there are things you can do to reduce the chances of developing it. However, because there are practically as many causes of arthritis as there are people, there is no one-fits-all solution. Furthermore, some risk factors are not modifiable, for example, having a genetic predisposition.

That said, there are, indeed, behavioral factors that can mitigate the tendency to get it. These include maintaining a healthy weight so as not to force the joints, not smoking, and maintaining a diet that is low in sugar and alcohol. Also, for sports lovers, research indicates that they should always wear and use the proper gear and avoid sports injuries. Ironically, what we think is the healthiest lifestyle ends up hurting us all the worse if we are not careful.

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Find Your Arthritis Doctor in Webster, Texas

Our Board Certified pain specialists are skilled in cutting-edge treatments for arthritis. When you come to Space City Pain, you will find personalized attention and a tailor-made program to suit your needs. 

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