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Exercises for Back Pain Relief

If you suffer from chronic back pain, you know how important it is to find back pain relief, but pain management might be easier than you thought. Your answer to pain relief could be exercise!

Exercise has shown many benefits for heart health, emotional health, and chronic back pain relief. Even light exercise can save people from enduring chronic back pain. When looking for ways to relieve back pain and lose weight, try a new exercise plan.

There are several forms of light exercise that can relieve chronic pain — including:

• Aquatic therapy
• Physical therapy
• Walking
• Yoga

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is a type of exercise involves some form of physical activity that is done in water. Swimming can relax and heal the body without harsh impacts. The water buoyancy provides back pain relief from the extra force of gravity. People can swim while stretching and moving their limbs freely. Aquatic therapy is best known for providing pain relief against muscle tightness, pinched nerves, sciatica and other chronic back pain disorders. Example of aquatic therapy are:

  • Water aerobics
  • Water walking or jogging
  • Lap swimming

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is another way of treating chronic back pain. Physical therapy involves special exercises with a trainer or physical therapist who can help train your body to return to a pain-free, functioning state. A physical therapist will recommend the right kind of exercises depending on a person’s back pain symptoms. Physical therapy exercises can also help with any back-pain symptoms like swelling, stiffness, or pins and needles feelings.


Walking is a simple exercise that can be done continuously through the day that can also provide back pain relief. Depending on their fitness and pain levels, people may start out walking to their mailbox and then progress to farther parking spots, or around the neighborhood. Incorporating more walks into your day will help with build muscles and support your back muscles, helping to reduce pain. If the body can safely carry its own weight, the back and joints will no longer suffer from deteriorating cartilage or bones mass. Start walking at a slow and steady pace then practice new exercises to pair with a physical regimen.


Yoga routines may range anywhere from expert to beginner. Practice yoga exercises that work for beginners then gradually advance to more challenging routines. Sitting down on the floor and stretching the back muscles help relieve any chronic pain back. Pressure toward the shoulders or lower back should fade with more activity over time. Remember to rest as well. Yoga can challenge the body so muscles may be sore right after this exercise.

People looking for chronic back pain relief should inform their doctor about exercise plans before starting major exercises or diet plans. Remember, patience is an important aspect when addressing exercise for pain relief. Take the time, and find the best exercise for your body and chronic back pain relief.

*This blog was originally posted January 10, 2017, but was updated and republished on February 6, 2018.

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