About Space City Pain Specialists

The doctors and staff at Space City Pain Specialists specialize in interventional pain treatment and other chronic pain care services –– with a mission to treat patients while educating them on the alternatives to traditional pain management. With more than 15 years of experience, our pain specialists know what causes chronic back pain and what each symptom means. Our care and treatment options are not like any other pain center in Houston, Texas, and include natural and advanced pain treatment option.

Patients have a choice when it comes to their chronic back pain, and Space City Pain Specialists offers minimally invasive, drug-free, and technology-based treatments to all patients. Other chronic back pain services that our pain specialists provide include physical therapy and follow-up appointments to track our patients’ success and recovery. If you’re suffering from chronic pain in Houston, Webster, Baytown, or any of the surrounding cities, our bilingual doctors can provide the pain relief you seek.


Founded in 2001, by co-founders Dr. Joseph T. Alvarez and Dr. Eduardo A. Garcia, Space City Pain Specialists are here to help identify the source of chronic pain in order to plan the most effective pain treatment modalities, including injection procedures, advanced interventional techniques, mental health counseling, and multidisciplinary coordination. Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Garcia were later joined by Dr. S. Jeffrey Cannella, which led to the expansion of the Space City Pain Specialists along with further growth.

Our Pain Specialists Can Help With Your Chronic Pain