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Spine Pain: Before You Can Treat It, You Need to Know What’s Causing It

Chronic spine pain – back pain that persists for three months or longer – is debilitating and significantly affects individuals’ quality of life and ability to perform daily tasks. In severe cases, spine and back pain can leave patients bedridden. The key to achieving relief from chronic spine pain is identifying its cause. Following are three common reasons why you may be experiencing spine pain.

1: Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia, the second most common bone and muscle disorder, affects more than 3 million Americans. This chronic disease causes spine pain, joint pain, fatigue, muscle tenderness, and even memory problems. Many fibromyalgia sufferers don’t realize they have this condition, because it is often misdiagnosed – that’s one reason why it’s important to see a spine specialist if you experience any spine and back pain. While there is no cure for fibromyalgia, patients who are properly diagnosed can achieve relief from medication and lifestyle changes.

2: Structural Spine Conditions

Another common cause of spine and back pain is a structural abnormality within the spine. Conditions including spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and a herniated disc can cause severe spine pain. Fortunately, these conditions can be treated, often without surgery.

3: Nervous System Misfiring

Another reason why you may experience spine pain is that there is a problem with your nervous system that’s causing your body to form new pain pathways. A pinched nerve or another problem may interfere with the normal communication between the brain and the nerves in your spinal cord. Messages become misunderstood or become conveyed involuntarily, which results in an endless cycle of pain. Nervous system problems are difficult to diagnose and challenging to treat. However, once this has been identified as the source of severe spine and back pain, a spine specialist can prescribe treatments that will reduce or even eliminate the nervous system misfiring.

Knowledge is Power!

It’s unnecessary to suffer from chronic spine pain because most cases can be treated successfully. It’s also potentially dangerous to suffer from spine pain without seeking medical attention. Left untreated, certain types of chronic spine pain can spread to other parts of the body, including the arms, legs, neck, and shoulders. In severe cases, it can cause numbness or even paralysis.

Once a spine specialist has identified the cause of your chronic pain, he or she will devise a treatment plant specifically for your condition and symptoms. One of the many tools available to significantly improve chronic spine and back pain is minimally invasive lumbar decompression (mild® treatment). Lumbar decompression surgery is especially effective at improving chronic spine pain caused by pinched nerves.

If you’re suffering from chronic spine or back pain and live in the Houston area, Space City Specialists is here to identify the cause of your pain and, more importantly, how you can get relief. Take the first step toward getting your quality of life back: call us at 281-338-4443
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*Originally posted on October 19, 2016, this blog has been updated to include the newest, most relevant information for our patients.

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