Meet Peggy

Peggy has 26 years in the field of pain management. She initially worked with a large anesthesia group in the Texas Medical Center to establish an Acute Pain Management Service in the facility, caring for adult patients undergoing a wide variety of surgical procedures, many of whom also suffered from chronic pain. In 2010, she completed her Master of Science as a Nurse Practitioner and began working in the facility’s pain management clinic, caring for both inpatients and outpatients with chronic and acute pain. She joined Space City Pain Specialists in July of 2016 and now sees patients for Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Cannella. Peggy is passionate about pain management, in part, because she has a lifelong history of back pain herself. She believes patients benefit greatly from staying active, keeping core muscles strong, eating a healthy diet and managing weight. She also believes that non-pharmacologic pain management interventions such as TENS, massage, yoga, ice, and heat can often be valuable tools to maintain function and spinal health.