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How Kyphoplasty Helps to Prevent Bone Fractures

Bone fractures are a common occurrence that can be caused by a variety of medical conditions, including osteoporosis, cancer, and vertebral hemangioma. If left untreated, bone fractures can lead to severe pain, decreased mobility, and a reduced quality of life.

However, with the help of kyphoplasty, patients can quickly and safely relieve pain and enhance bodily function. Kyphoplasty is a medical procedure that has gained recognition for its ability to help prevent bone fractures. Continue reading this article to learn how kyphoplasty can help prevent bone fractures.

What Can Cause Bone Fractures?

One of the most common causes of bone fractures is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a medical condition that occurs when the loss of calcium in bones results in a decrease in the strength of the bone structure. As a result, patients with osteoporosis are at a higher risk of vertebral body fractures. Kyphoplasty can help prevent future fractures by injecting a cement-like substance into the affected vertebrae to stabilize them and reduce pain.

Cancer patients are also at risk of painful vertebral fractures. These fractures can be caused by cancerous tumors that weaken the vertebrae. Kyphoplasty is a safe and effective therapy choice for cancer patients that can quickly relieve pain, enhance bodily function, and strengthen the vertebrae. This procedure can significantly improve the quality of life for cancer patients by reducing pain and allowing them to continue their daily activities.

Vertebral hemangioma is another medical condition that can lead to bone fractures. Vertebral hemangiomas are benign tumors that can weaken the vertebrae, making them more susceptible to fractures. While kyphoplasty may offer fewer procedural risks during the implementation process, experts acknowledge this procedure as safe and effective for patients with vertebral hemangiomas.

What To Expect During a Kyphoplasty Procedure?

During kyphoplasty, patients are given local anesthetics to numb the affected area. Once the area is numb, the surgeon inserts a trocar (hollow needle) into the bone. The cement-like substance is then safely injected into the bone, and digital imaging exams are used to confirm that it is evenly spread. Once the cement mixture is in place, the trocar is removed, and stitches are not usually required. Patients can typically go home after a few hours of observation.

Kyphoplasty in Webster, Texas

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