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What Causes Lower Back Pain in Females?

There are many conditions that can cause lower back pain in women. If you are trying to look for the possible source of your pain or how to receive lower back pain treatment in Webster, Texas, keep reading this article.

Which conditions cause lower back pain?

Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons why patients visit the doctor, this being due to the fact that there is not a unique reason why people suffer this type of pain. It is rather the fact that it can be caused by different conditions, so by visiting a doctor, you can get the answers you need. Our doctors at Space City Pain are prepared to diagnose and provide lower back pain treatment in Webster, Texas.

Let’s go over the conditions that are most commonly linked to this type of pain:


Sciatica pain is caused when there is an irritation, inflammation, or compression of the sciatic nerve. This can result in pain that originates from the lower back and irradiates to your buttocks and one of your legs.

Bulging or ruptured discs

A bulged, ruptured or herniated disc occurs when the soft center of a spinal disc pushes through a crack in the tougher exterior casing. This can often cause lower back pain and numbness in one of your arms or legs. Nevertheless, there are situations in which you can have a ruptured disc without back pain. This condition is discovered by having spine X-rays done on the patient.

Muscle or ligament strain

This condition is caused when there is a stretching or tearing of a muscle or tissue that connects muscle to bone. This can happen due to repeated heavy lifting or a sudden movement, causing painful muscle spasms.


This condition causes your bones to become weak and brittle. As the bone creation doesn’t keep up with old bone removal, fractures can happen often, and that’s one of the most common moments in which it is diagnosed. 


Arthritis means joint inflammation, and it is more common in women due to genetics. This joint inflammation causes pain and stiffness that can get worse as you get older. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, which can lead to lower back pain.


This is a spinal condition that causes lower back pain when a bone, a vertebra, slips forward onto the bone below it. 

How to relieve lower back pain

At Space City Pain, we strive to provide the best lower back pain treatment in Webster, Texas. We do this by giving the right diagnosis and following up with the best treatment to relieve and eliminate your pain. You can schedule an appointment now and receive the best pain management treatment.

Here are some of the treatments that we offer to relieve your lower back pain:

  • Cortisone Injections: this is a temporal solution as its effects last for a month or two, but your doctor may inject cortisone to decrease inflammation around the nerve roots.
  • Radiofrequency Neurotomy: for this treatment, a needle is inserted through your skin near the area of pain, so as to pass radio waves to damage the nearby nerves. 
  • Implanted Nerve Stimulators: they can be inserted under the skin to block nerve pain signals.
  • Surgery: this option is usually reserved for cases in which the pain hasn’t responded to other treatments or for pain that comes from structural problems.

When should I go to the doctor?

This question often comes to our mind when we are in pain, but given the fact that there are different conditions and grades of pain, there isn’t a single answer. So, let’s check the different steps to recognize a type of pain that should be treated by a professional.

  • If your pain has lasted for more than a week
  • If this pain prevents you from participating in regular activities
  • If your pain has extended to other parts of your body
  • If your pain is severe and ongoing
  • If you have a fever associated with your pain
  • If you are experiencing numbness or tingling

If you think it’s time to visit the doctor and receive the treatment that you need to relieve your pain, at Space City Pain we can help you. Schedule an appointment now.

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