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Sciatica Pain

Many of us have experienced leg pain or pain shooting into our legs.  Most commonly, a minor injury to a muscle, tendon, or joint could cause shooting leg pain.  Still, sometimes the reason might be a pinched nerve coming from your back and spinal cord.  A pinched nerve is also called sciatica.  When this happens, you may have injured one of the disks in your lower back, which then presses on the sciatic nerve producing severe pain shooting into one of your legs.  Most commonly, sciatica gets better on its own with nothing more than a day of rest and over-the-counter pain medications.  Returning to your usual routine and exercising as soon as possible after feeling better helps too.  If you experience more severe symptoms, like a weak leg, and do not get well in a few days, you may need to see a pain specialist.  The pain specialist can treat your sciatica and help you get back in form!

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