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Micro-Dosing - Introduced in Texas by Space City Pain Specialists

Intrathecal Therapy (ITT) has been used for decades, but Micro-Dosing is a newer version of this pain treatment. Micro-Dosing follows FDA guidelines and also requires specific preparation prior to the treatment for safety and better results.

Patients must go through a six-week detox period before their treatment. Detox is required because once patients are treated with Micro-Dosing, the small amount of morphine used will have better results for patients. If patients prepare properly before Micro-Dosing and their body benefits from the treatment, they will not have to deal with any other medications or treatments. Micro-Dosing on its own will have a continuous effect of patients’ pain.

Implantable Pump Therapy

Some conditions are unfortunately incurable, but patients don’t have to live with intolerable pain that accompanies their serve conditions. Treatment options like Intrathecal Therapy, also known as ITT or Implantable Pump Therapy, can aid patients with chronic pain. Space City Pain Specialists are familiar with ITT and also the different ways to conduct ITT treatments. Micro-Dosing is a form of ITT that was introduced to the state of Texas by Space City Pain Specialists

Micro-Dosing Benefits

The Micro-Dosing treatment may provide patients who have incurable conditions with pain relief and benefits such as:

  • Alternative to Mass Amounts of Opioid Prescriptions.
  • FDA Approval
  • Personalized Control for Patients
  • No Oral Medications
  • Simulation of Body’s Natural Endorphins

Micro-Dosing Therapy

The Micro-Dosing treatment offered by Space City Pain is a form of Implantable Pump Therapy. Micro-Dosing can be compared to traditional dosing, but this treatment requires a high level of expertise.

Micro-Dosing is the use of small amounts of FDA approved pain medicine that is pumped directly into the area that surrounds the spinal cord. Micro-Dosing is safer than traditional dosing because FDA guidelines are followed closely and only requires small amounts of medication.

Targeted Delivery

Other pharmaceuticals prescribed to patients may be given to patients in mass quantities. Instead of running large amounts of drugs through a person’s body, Space City Pain targets the pain receptors with small doses of morphine. Patients can control the amount that pumps to their spinal cord with a handheld controller. The pump is surgically inserted near the spine and can be refilled at a later time with your Space City Pain Specialist.

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